Management of Mineral Resource Extraction in Hoa Binh Province

A Contribution to Sustainable Development in Vietnam


Management der Gewinnung mineralischer Ressourcen in der Provinz Hoa Binh

Ein Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung in Vietnam

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Project Outline

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map of the investigation area Hoa Binh Province

Currently the development of Ha Noi City (6.6 mill inhabitants) is the first priority of the governmental strategy to create a large-scale capital as well as a national political-administrative, cultural, scientific, educational, economical and trading hub of international importance.

The urban hinterland, such as Hoa Binh Province, shall support this strategy and provide necessary raw mineral resources. As such, negative environmental effects are expected to emerge in the province. This is exacerbated by the fact that there is a lack of knowledge both in mining companies and respective governmental authorities regarding cleaner production technologies in the mining sector and the appropriate rehabilitation techniques concerning devastated mining areas. Moreover, proper land use planning is hampered by fragmented or lacking information regarding monitoring and regional environmental impacts of mining, as well as by an insufficient knowledge about tools to estimate and forecast building industry material flow and its related land consumption.

Under these conditions, it is difficult to facilitate the effective management of the mining sector and its regional impacts, especially with regard to the state’s strategy on environmental protection and sustainable development. The mentioned challenges are a major concern of companies and the government authorities, and they are addressed in this project.

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